Hello: UGANDA, My Country, my Heart! Things don’t just get better with time but we all need to change for things to get better. Please note that we Africans were not born to live in poverty and pain endlessly, but we have to realize the value of who we are and what we are meant to be. Also if we do not solve our problems by our selves this time, then nobody out of us will. The universal problem of Uganda for instance is very big but the solution is just small..

Look; If we all change and get driven by unwavering bonds of friendship, tremendous courage within us and the enormous belief in one another, we shall make this undisputable journey of making our country a great nation incredibly successful.Today no matter of who you are, or where you come from, rich or poor, educated or not educated, foreign or indigenous. We have to work strongly together in adhesive unity and with focus to make Uganda the promised land of opportunities.

With great hope that burns deepest inside us, very strong in faith, true patriotism of all countrymen plus the true spirit of African determination, free forever and untouched by the injustice of our enemies, that forever we shall always stand strong in unity and prosperity.Most importantly, together we must kick poverty out of Uganda forever through scientific innovations, quality sales and collective global marketing. This is the beginning our country’s journey to plenty and indeed the long awaited gearshift for Uganda to speed and overtake.
OH LORD, the GOD of our Fathers…., You blessed the works of my Hands; Bless my Country Uganda and the rest of Africa. We are the salt and light of the world, let our salt not loose taste anymore, we must stay visible, valid and valued in the world.
For God and My Country,I pray.